I grew up in Boulder and have biked all over and think that we may be at the point of needing to put in longer merge lanes and stoplights. The sheer volume of traffic that is mixed with drivers from all over the place are too unpredictable for me to cross HWY 133 safely.

I don't see any affordable way to fix it. My vision would be to put HWY 133 underground for a half mile, top it with a pedestrian path with trees; my other dream is for ped/bike overpasses a la Basalt's. The underpasses tend to be scary but effective. In lieu of these: stop lights.

If we didn't have HWY 133 cutting Carbondale in half, we could put a bike/ped path on one side. Unfortunately, commercial/industrial growth has been occuring on the West side of the highway, demanding cyclists to cross many business entries. I am wondering if the roundabout is now in the wrong place due to growth. I would think it would be better at the City Market exit as frustrated drivers are turning left into heavy traffic.

One could put a path behind City Market, connecting with Rio Grande, and brining it through to RVR.

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