133 and Village

This intersection is very dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists, especially coming from Village and crossing 133. Currently the only crosswalk across 133 originates from the SE corner of this intersection, but there is no sidewalk on Villlage on that side. Due the this configuration, a bicyclist or pedestrian must activate the crossing signal to cross village and then activate a second signal to cross 133. Due to human nature, many, including children, take unsafe short cuts to avoid a double crossing, sometimes even going against the flow of traffic on the south side of Village Rd where vehicles are turning off of the highway.

It seems that the simplest solution would be to add another crosswalk connecting the north side of Village to the sidewalk from the new storage units. Then bikes/peds could stay with the flow of traffic and/or use the sidewalk on the north side of Village.

Separately, I also think we need more pedestrian crossing points of 133. There are none between Village and the roundabout.

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